일본의 아트매니지먼트 교육에 관한 연구

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서울대학교 국제학연구소
국제지역연구, Vol.10 No.2, pp. 25-60
This study is prepared to survey the present situation of Arts Management Education in Japan. In Japan arts management was understood as the operation of cultural halls and other facilities in a narrow sense, but nowadays there is a new trend to define it as non-profit management aimed at arranging for opportunities where arts and the public meet. That is, it is very closely related to the cultural policies as a whole to improve the community"s potential ability and scientific approach to be applied to administration of cultural facilities.

In this study the present situation of Arts Management Education in Japan is surveyed on three levels : 1) on the university level, 2) on the public administration level, and 3) on the private corporate level.

Finally it introduce the concrete proposals which may contribute to enhancing arts management : 1) Establishment of training networks and training facilities, 2) Establishment of core locations for education and research, 3) Exploration of arts management theories, and 4) Improved understanding concerning cultural activities. Especially the third point seems to be more important than others. It is discussed to develop the possibility enhancing the contents of Arts Management Education through connecting it to the management theory for Non-profit Organization by P. F. Drucker.
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Graduate School of International Studies (국제대학원)Dept. of International Studies (국제학과)국제지역연구 국제지역연구 vol.10 (2001)
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