한일관계 65년체제의 기본성격 및 문제점 - 북ㆍ일 수교에의 함의 : The Problems of the Postwar Korea-Japan Relation "1965-Year System": Implications for the Normalization Negotiation between the North Korea and Japan

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서울대학교 국제지역원
국제지역연구, Vol.09 No.4, pp. 39-59
The "1965-Year System" of the South Korea-Japan relation is basically demanded for the fundamental amendments because of the radical changes of the various environments. First of all, the cold war structure which had supported the establishment and maintenance of the "1965-Year system" was collapsed, and the traditional hostile relation between the South Korea and the North Korea is shifting over that of the reconciliation and co-existence.

Secondly, the level of so-called "past problem cognition" of the japanese people about the colonist rule of the Korean peninsula by the past Japanese imperialism was relatively progressed in comparative of that of the 1960s. In addition, it is needed to be worthy of notice the facts and evidences concerning the invalidity of the serious treaties which regulated the colonist rule were being accumulated.

The changes of a series of situations are expected to be a important variable to reexaminate the normalization negotiation between the North Korea and Japan which is now under way. The japanese government are consistently making the statements that the level of agreement of the negotiation toward the North Korea should be adjusted to that of the treaty of 1965.

But the argument of the Japanese government is regarded anachronic, considering the a series of changes of situations. In the process of the establishment of the North Korea-Japan normalization, the problems of the treaty of 1965 should not be reiterated. On the contrary, it is desirable that the North Korea-Japan Normalization process should be a good chance to revise the problems of the treaty of 1965, and be groping for the historical reconciliation between the Korean people and Japanese people.
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