성견의 3급 이개부 병변에서 성형성 합성 펩타이드 젤의 치주재생 능력에 관한 실험적 연구 : Experimental study on the periodontal regenerative capacity of moldable synthetic peptide domain gel in degree III furcation defect of beagles

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김정범; 박윤정; 이상철; 김태일; 설양조; 이용무; 구영; 류인철; 한수부; 정종평

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대한치주과학회지 2008;38:621-628.
Collagen binding domainPeptide domainRegenerationOsteopontin
Purpose: Osteopontin is one of the major non-collagenous protein of hard tissue. Use of peptide domain of biologically active protein has some advantages. The objective of this experimental study is evaluation of periodontal regenerative potency of synthetic peptide gel which containing collagen binding domain of osteopontin in the degree III periodontal defect of beagle dogs. Material and Methods: Experimental degree III furcation defect was made in the mandibular third and fourth premolar of beagles. Regenerative material was applied during flap operation. 8 weeks after regenerative surgery, all animals were sacrificed and histomorphometric measurement was performed to calculate the linear percentage of the new cementum formation and the volume percentage of new bone formation. Result: The linear percent of new cementum formation was 41.6% at control group and 67.1% at test group and there was statistically significant difference. The volume percent of new bone formation was 52.1% at control group and 58.9% at test group. Conclusion: As the results of present experiment, synthetic peptide gel containing collagen binding domain of osteopontin significantly increase new bone and cementum formation in the degree III furcation defect of canine mandible.
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