일대다 연결 고려한 ATM 망에서의 최적 루팅 : An Optimal Routing for Point to Multipoint Connection Traffics in ATM Networks

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정성진; 홍성필; 정후상; 김지호

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대한산업공학회 = Korean Institute of Industrial Engineers
Journal of Korea Institute of Industrial Engineers, 25(4), 500-509
In this paper, we consider an optimal routing problem when point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connection traffics are offered in an ATM network. We propose a mathematical model for cost-minimizing configuration of a logical network for a given ATM-based BISDN. Our model is essentially identical to the previous one proposed by Kim(Kim, 1996) which finds a virtual-path configuration where the relevant gains obtainable from the ATM technology such as the statistical multiplexing gain and the switching/control cost-saving gain are optimally traded-off. Unlike the Kim's model, however, ours explicitly considers the VP's QoS(Qua1ity of Service) for more efficient utilization of bandwidth. The problem is a large-scale, nonlinear, and mixed-integer problem. The proposed algorithm is based on the local linearization of equivalent-capacity functions and the relaxation of link capacity constraints. As a result, the problem can be decomposed into moderate-sized shortest path problems, Steiner arborescence problems, and LPs. This fact renders our algorithm a lot faster than the previous nonlinear programming algorithm while the solution quality is maintained, hence application to large-scale network problems.
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