A novel synthesis of nanocapsules using identical polymer core/shell nanospheres

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Jang, Jyongsik; Oh, Joon Hak; Li, Xiang Li

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Royal Society of Chemistry
J. Mater. Chem., 2004, 14, 2872–2880
Polymer nanocapsules were synthesized using core/shell nanospheres composed of an identical polymer. Linear
polypyrrole (PPy)/crosslinked PPy core/shell nanospheres were synthesized stepwise by microemulsion
polymerization using two oxidants with different chemical oxidation potentials, i.e. copper(II) chloride and
iron(III) chloride. Coupled with the characteristics of the O/W microemulsion polymerization, the hydrophilic
oxidants with different chemical oxidation potentials produced PPys with different solubility in alcohol. The
linear PPy core and cationic surfactants could be removed by one-step solvent etching process simultaneously,
and crosslinked PPy nanocapsules were obtained. The pore size and shell thickness of PPy nanocapsules were
tunable by controlling the feeding amount of monomers in each synthetic step. The pore size of PPy
nanocapsules was controllable from 19 to 33 nm by changing the monomer amount from 5.4 to 20.2 mmol in
the first synthetic step. The shell thickness also increased gradually from 5.0 to 12.5 nm with increasing the
feeding amount of monomers from 14.9 to 48.5 mmol in the second synthetic step. The average diameter of
polymer nanocapsules could also be controllable by changing the surfactant concentration and surfactant
spacer length. PPy nanocapsules had two mesopores, that is, the inner cavity and the mesochannel in the wall.
In addition, PPy hollow nanospheres could be transformed into carbon nanocapsules through the carbonization
process. The structural development of graphene layers in the carbon nanocapsule wall was investigated using
XRD measurement, Raman spectroscopy, and HRTEM analysis. The ability to selectively encapsulate and
release guest molecules was examined by introducing a photochromic dye (pyrene) solution into the polymer
and carbon nanocapsules in a different environment.
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