大韓帝國期 朴殷植 著作目錄의 재검토

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.30, pp. 263-307
In this research, the list of Park Eun Shik's writings written during the Daehan Empire period was examined, based on sources such as the bulletins or journals from several academical institutions, or various newspapers which were being published at the time. Apparently, in the process of creating the list said above, there had been no errors made in enlisting articles or other writings which were originally published in the institution bulletins such as the or (Daehan Jagang-hwae Weolbo). or the newspaper (Hwangseong Shinmun). But there seems to have been undeniable errors made in the process of selecting articles (which were believed to have been written by Park) from another institution bulletin known as the (Seobuk Hakhwae Weolbo), as articles of which the authors were not confirmed, or articles written by authors only named as 'Ilgija'(一記者) or 'Hwangseongja' (皇城子), were all included in the selection with no legitimate explanations. This error was repeated in selecting articles (of which the authors are yet to be ascertained)from the newspaper

In this research, in order to correct the problems of the original list, and salvage more legitimate writings of Park from various sources such as institution bulletins, journals or newspapers(some of which were not referred toin the original list, namely the ), several criteria for selection were newly suggested.

In the case of bulletins or journals, first the fact that Park Eun Shik was the chief editor of bulletins or journals such as the or was considered, and articles of which the author was titled 'Bongija'(本記者) were all considered to have been legitimately written by Park himself. Secondly, considering the fact that Park was maintaining a close relationship with Choi Nam Seon, and the fact that that relationship was being mirrored in the published materials of the or , this research was also able to establish some additional articles as Park's own writings.
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