대한제국기 학교비 분쟁의 양상

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.46, pp. 85-118
"Conflict on school fund" means "the various conflicts caused from the establishment of school and operation fund at the public and private schools (mostly in elementary school) at the local district." "Conflict on school fund" was started from the plundering of Naejangwon (Authority for managing the national treasury such as land, rices and currency) and the objection of the conservative Confucian scholars. Later on, the conflicts had been denatured by the appearance of pro-Japanese group like Iljin Association since 1904. At that time, the dwellers at the district wanted to acquire the public properties such as Yeokdunto (land attached to a train station and stationary soldier-cultivated farmland) under the name of establishment of schools. This study utilized the materials of Naejangwon (Kyungriwon) and newspapers mainly. Through the study it was revealed that the request for the exclusive use of the school fund since 1904 was started from the unified willings of dwellers in the district to solve the relation of economic interest, the fact that the dwellers of the district wanted to acquire the Yeokdunto under the name of school fund had a meaning of response to the appearance of pro-Japanese power and the above facts corresponded exactly with the change of elementary school policy in the Great Han Empire.
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Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies (규장각한국학연구원)Korean Culture (한국문화) Korean Culture (한국문화) vol.46 (2009)
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