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dc.identifier.citation한국문화, Vol.47, pp. 159-176-
dc.description.abstractIn the early days of Joseon, academic knowledge on Vietnam was acquired mostly through contact between envoys of Korea and Vietnam. As channels became more diverse in the later Joseon period, academic knowledge on Vietnam was able to be more amplified and deepened. It is supposed that Yi Gyu-gyeong, a 19th century scholar, was able to write a book on the interchange between Korea and Vietnam owing to these circumstances.

This paper shows that Korea and Vietnam had friendly attitudes and cordial feelings toward each other in the pre-modern era, even though they did not have direct diplomatic relations. It is the assignment left behind to explain this point in more detail with utilizing Vietnamese materials as well.

Besides, this paper validates the fact that studies on Vietnam hereafter need toproceed beyond the East Asian perspective, considering the context of Southeast Asia. Scholars such as Yi Su-gwang and Yi Deok-mu gave a clue to this viewpoint earlier. It should be freshly appreciated that Vietnam is an important momentum not only for understanding East Asia but, more broadly, for understanding Southeast Asia.
dc.publisher서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원-
dc.title조선 후기 지식인과 베트남-
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dc.contributor.AlternativeAuthorPark, Hee-byoung-
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Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies (규장각한국학연구원)Korean Culture (한국문화) Korean Culture (한국문화) vol.47 (2009)
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