효율적인 수목 종자 관리를 위한 전산 프로그램 : A Computer Program For Efficient Forest Seed management

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이돈구; 조재창

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The Arboretum, Seoul National University
Bulletin of the Seoul National University Arboretum, no.13, pp.63-97
The aim of this study was to develop a computer program for the efficient management system of seed resources using a personal computer(PC). The results were as follows:
1. The program is economically useful, because it has been developed using Clipper,
which is the most popular language in computer data base.
2. The carring capacity of this program includes 100 thousand of scientific names, 1 million
of seed names and l million times of stock changes.
3. Information about the reserved seed species and the amount of each species can be
easily checked out at any time.
4. The origin of seed sources, time of seeds collected and changes in seed stock could be
informed immediately by this program.
5. This program was also useful for the nursery management, seeding plans, seedling
production and plantation schedules in the field.
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