Four teachers' beliefs and strategies in teaching gifted students: A multiple case study

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dc.contributor.authorHan, Ki-Soon-
dc.identifier.citationSNU Journal of Education Research, Vol.12, pp. 199-229-
dc.description.abstractThis multiple case study was conducted to explore how four regular classroom teachers, who

have a reputation for implementing differentiated practices to meet the needs of gifted

students, describe their educational experiences with gifted students in their regular

classrooms at an elementary school in the Midwestern USA. The four teachers' beliefs and

strategies for instructing gifted students and differentiating instruction, their willingness and

readiness to embrace change, collaboration, and their advanced training and knowledge were

discussed under the themes of the study. By illustrating the non-linear, complex,

context-specific reality of the four teachers' teaching experience, this small case study tried to

offer insight into the actual classroom and strategies in developing schema for future practice

for our gifted minds. The findings of this study contribute to our understanding of the

practices that teachers use to accommodate the needs of gifted students in regular classrooms
dc.publisher서울대학교 교육종합연구원-
dc.subjectgifted education-
dc.subjectgifted teachers-
dc.subjectcurriculum differentiation-
dc.subjectcase study-
dc.titleFour teachers' beliefs and strategies in teaching gifted students: A multiple case study-
dc.typeSNU Journal-
dc.citation.journaltitleSNU Journal of Education Research-
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