Teacher Training and Development Policy in Korea

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dc.contributor.authorYun, Chung-il-
dc.identifier.citationSNU Journal of Education Research, Vol.7, pp. 1-16-
dc.description.abstractThe quality of education depends on the quality of teachers. Therefore the securing of qualified teachers is the most important factor in determining the success or failure of education. From a historical point

of view, however, the teacher training policy in Korea has only focused on quantitative aspects. In particular, the secondary school teacher training system has failed to attract a selected manpower to the

teaching profession. Since the middle of 1980's, every attempt has been made to enhance the quality of education. The Presidential Commission on Education

Reform announced education reform plans four times. Among them total 16 reform tasks are related to teacher training policy.

For the successful accomplishment of education reform, we should overcome the discontinuation of the education reform activities. We should not break with the existtng education reform activities by

establishing a new education reform organization whenever a new president appears. Also, the teachers, who are the main body of education reform, must participate actively in the reform movement. In order to motivate teachers to take part in the education reform, evaluation and accreditation system for teacher training institute should be introduced as soon as possible. The improvement of socioeconomic

status of teacher and the reduction of their burdens must be realized simultaneously in order for teachers to conduct their teaching

profession with pride. As a part of the effort for this, raising the main body of secondary teacher training to the graduate school level should also be considered.
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dc.titleTeacher Training and Development Policy in Korea-
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