大學院(碩 · 博士課程) 國語敎育科의 바람직한 敎育課程 開發硏究 : A Study for Curriculum Development of Graduate Course (master and doctor) in Korean Language Education Department

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李應百; 丘仁煥; 李庸周

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서울대학교 사범대학
사대논총, Vol.36, pp. 1-27
This study assumes that the science of Korean language education is never simple combination of three fields-(Korean) linguistics, literature, and education pedagogy. Korean language education is the science which investigates systematically the teaching and learning of Korean language using. On this assumption, this study reviewed current curricula of Korean language education department in all colleges of education, and reviewed domestic and abroad concerned

literature on language education. Current curricula of Korean language education department in undergraduate and the mater's course are hardly different from those of Korean language and literature department. These appearances represent the present level of the science of Korean language education. The goals of Korean language arts in elementary and junior·senior high school are to develop the skills of using language. Every country agrees to this view and the curricula of Korean language arts from 1st to 5th adopt this view. But the undergraduate curricula of Korean language education department are not appropriate to cultivate teachers who will take charge of developing students' skills of using language. And the graduate curricula are also insufficient to improve the faculty of Korean language arts teachers and to train Korean language arts researchers. To establish the science of Korean language arts, following subjects are become known. (1) The processes of humans' language' using-expression (speaking·writing) and comprehension (listening·reading). (2) The structure of content areas of Korean language education and the specific objectives of each area. (3) The developmental and general theoies and principles about instruction and learning in each area. To sovle problems of these subjects, the Korean language education researchers must study the findings of other scientific fields-psychology, psycholinguistics, (Korean) linguistics, eiterature, theory of curriculum, instruction, learning and evaluation. And the Korean language education researchers must be trained to use research methodologies freely. A curriculum of the master's and doctor's course in Korean language education department must take account of these needs. The curriculum proposed in this study represents these needs, but it is no more than an attempt. Carried out without basic research findings, this study contains many problems. This study only desires that at the moment of this suggestion more specialists in Korean language education are interest in establishing the science of Korean language education and researches in this part are activated, at the results of these efforts the reality of Korean language class will be improved.
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