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Patient Characteristics and Treatment of Hallux Polydactyly Associated with Varus Deformity

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노두현; 정문상; 백구현; 이혁진; 송철호; 김형민; 공현식
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J Korean Orthop Assoc.
J Korean Orthop Assoc 47, pp. 1-8
Hallux varusPolydactyly
To evaluate patient characteristics such as deformity type, associated disease, and family history, and results of treatment of pre-axial polydactyly with hallux varus deformity.

Materials and Methods
We carried out a retrospective study of 5 patients who presented with preaxial polydactyly with hallux varus deformity, and were treated between 2003 and 2010 at the authors' hospital. Surgeries including extra digit excision, local flap, osteotomy, and interphalangeal joint fusion were performed taking into consideration the deformity types and patient's age. Family history, associated disease, and types of duplication were assessed, and the outcomes of surgery were evaluated with radiographs and appearances of foot. The mean follow-up period was 34 months.

All 5 patients had one or more associated anomalies such as congenital anterolateral tibial bowing and polydactyly in three, translocation of chromosome 2 : 13 associated with cryptorchidism in one, pes planovalgus in one, residual poliomyelitis in one, syndactyly of the foot in two, and leg length discrepancy in one patient. There was no family history of hallux polydactyly in any of the cases. All five patients had duplication of the distal phalanx and one of them had a blocked proximal phalanx. The extra digit was completely removed and the varus deformity was corrected in all cases.

There was a high incidence of associated diseases in patients with hallux polydactyly and varus deformity. Deformity correction could be obtained by surgeries chosen according to the individual deformity type and patient age.
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