암반에 근입된 현장타설말뚝의 주면지지력 : Side Shear Resistance of Drilled Shafts in Rock

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권오성; 김병철; 김명모

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한국지반공학회 = Korean Geotechnical Society
한국지반공학회 봄학술발표회 논문집, pp. 611-618
rock socketed pileside shear resistance,pile load test,rock mass condition
In this research, the effect of rock mass weathering on the side shear resistance of
drilled shaft socketed into weathered rock was investigated. For that, a database of 23 cast-in-place
concrete piles with diameters varying from 400mm to 1,500mm were socketed into weathered
igneous/meta-igneous rock at four different sites. The static axial load tests were performed to
examine the resistant behavior of the piles, and a comprehensive field/laboratory testing program at
the field test site was also performed to describe the in situ rock mass conditions quantitatively.
No correlation was found between the compressive strengths of intact rock and the side shear
resistance of weathered/soft rock. The ground investigation data regarding the rock mass conditions
(e.g. Em, Eur, plm, RMR, RQD, j) was found to be highly correlated with the side shear resistance,
showing the coefficients of correlation greater than 0.7 in most cases. Additionally, the applicability
of existing methods for the side shear resistance of piles in rock was verified by comparison with
the field test data. The existing empirical relations between the compressive strength of intact rock
and the side shear resistance(Horvath (1982), Rowe & Armitage(1987) etc.) appeared to
overestimated the side shear resistance of all piles tested in this research unless additional
consideration on the effect of rock mass weathering or fracturing was applied. The existing
methods which consider the effect of rock mass condition were modified and/or extended for
weathered rock mass where mass factor j is lower than 0.1, and RQD is below 50%.
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