Cyclic Fatigue and Torsional Resistance of Two New Nickel-Titanium Instruments Used in Reciprocation Motion: Reciproc Versus WaveOne

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Kim, Hyeon-Cheol; Kwak, Sang-Won; Cheung, Gary Shun-Pan; Ko, Dae-Hoon; Chung, Se-Min; Lee, WooCheol

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JOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS Vol.38 No.4, pp. 541-544
복합학Cross-sectioncyclic fatigue resistancenickel-titanium
rotary file
reciprocatingtorsional resistance
Introduction: The use of reciprocating movement was
claimed to increase the resistance of nickel-titanium
(NiTi) file to fatigue in comparison with continuous rotation.
Recently 2 new brands of NiTi files have been marketed
for use in a RM mode. The purpose of this study
was to compare the cyclic fatigue resistance and
torsional resistance of these 2 files, Reciproc and Wave-
One. Methods: Cyclic fatigue test with a simultaneous
pecking motion was performed with the instrument (n =
10 each) operating in the recommended reciprocation
motion until fracture for the Reciproc R25 and WaveOne
Primary files. ProTaper F2 was tested in continuous rotation
to serve as a control for comparison. The number of
cycles to fracture (NCF) was determined by measuring
the time to fracture. The length of the fragment was
measured and the fracture surface was examined by
using scanning electron microscopy. Torsional strength
was measured by using a torsiometer after fixing the
apical 5 mm of the instrument rigidly. Statistical analysis
was performed by using one-way analysis of variance.
Results: The results showed that Reciproc had a higher
NCF and WaveOne had a higher torsional resistance
than the others. Both reciprocating files demonstrated
significantly higher cyclic fatigue and torsional resistances
than ProTaper (P < .05). The fractographic analysis
showed typical features of cyclic fatigue and
torsional failure for all instruments. Conclusions: The
2 brands of NiTi file for use with a reciprocation motion
seem to have superior mechanical properties.
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