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Effect of polishing and glazing on the color and spectral distribution of monolithic zirconia

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Kim, Hee-Kyung; Kim, Sung-Hun; Lee, Jai-Bong; Han, Jung-Suk; Yeo, In-Sung

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The Korean Academy of Prosthodontics
Journal of Advanced Prosthodontics Vol.5 No.3, pp. 296-304
의약학Zirconia-based ceramicColorDental polishingSurface properties
PURPOSE : The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of polishing and glazing on the color and spectral distribution of monolithic zirconia.
MATERIALS AND METHODS : Forty-five monolithic zirconia specimens (16.3 mm × 16.4 mm × 2.0 mm) were fabricated and divided into 5 groups according to the number of A2-coloring liquid applications (Group I to V). Each group was divided into 3 subgroups according to the method of surface treatments (n=3): N: no treatment; P: polishing; G: glazing. Color and spectral distribution of five different areas of each specimen were measured according to CIELAB color space in the reflectance mode relative to the standard illuminant D65 on a reflection spectrophotometer. Data were analyzed using one-way ANOVA followed by Tukeys HSD test, Pearson correlation and regression analysis (α=.05).
RESULTS : There was a significant difference in CIE L* between Subgroup N and P, and in CIE b* between Subgroup P and G in eachgroup. Spectral reflectance generally decreased in Subgroup P and G in comparison with Subgroup N. Color differences between Subgroup P and G were within the perceptibility threshold (ΔE*ab< 3.7) in most groups. Highly significant correlation was found between CIE b*and each subgroups as the number of coloring liquid applications increased (R2>0.88, P<.001).
CONCLUSION : A perceptible color difference can be detected after polishing of monolithic zirconia. Polishing decreases the lightness, and glazing also decreases the lightness, but increases the yellowness of monolithic zirconia.
2005-7806 (print)
2005-7814 (online)
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