Marginal fit of anterior 3-unit fixed partial zirconia restorations using different CAD/CAM systems

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Song, Tae-Jin; Kwon, Taek-Ka; Yang, Jae-Ho; Han, Jung-Suk; Lee, Jai-Bong; Kim, Sung-Hun; Yeo, In-Sung

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The Korean Academy of Prosthodontics
Journal of Advanced Prosthodontics Vol.5 No.3, pp. 219-225
의약학Marginal fitCAD/CAMZirconia FPD
PURPOSE : Few studies have investigated the marginal accuracy of 3-unit zirconia fixed partial dentures (FPDs) fabricated by computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) system. The purpose of this study was to compare the marginal fit of zirconia FPDs made using two CAD/CAM systems with that of metalceramic FPDs.
MATERIALS AND METHODS : Artificial resin maxillary central and lateral incisors were prepared for 3-unit FPDs and fixed in yellow stone. This model was duplicated to epoxy resin die. On the resin die, 15 three-unit FPDs were fabricated per group (45 in total): Group A, zirconia 3-unit FPDs made with the Everest system; Group B, zirconia 3-unit FPDs made with the Lava system; and Group C, metal-ceramic 3-unit FPDs.They were cemented to resin dies with resin cement. After removal of pontic, each retainer was separated and observed under a microscope (Presize 440C). Marginal gaps of experimental groups were analyzed using oneway ANOVA and Duncan test. RESULTS : Mean marginal gaps of 3-unit FPDs were 60.46 μm for the Everest group, 78.71 μm for the Lava group, and 81.32 μm for the metal-ceramic group. The Everest group demonstrated significantly smaller marginal gap than the Lava and the metal-ceramic groups (P<.05). The marginal gap did not significantly differ between the Lava and the metal-ceramic groups (P>.05).
CONCLUSION : The marginal gaps of anterior 3-unit zirconia FPD differed according to CAD/CAM systems, but still fell within clinically acceptable ranges compared with conventional metal-ceramic restoration.
2005-7806 (print)
2005-7814 (online)
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