손창섭 소설의 외부성 - 장편소설을 중심으로 : Exteriority in novels by Son Cnangseob Centering on full-length novels

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.58, pp. 197-228
손창섭외부성메토이코스『유맹』『길』『인간교실』『삼부녀』Son ChangseobExteriorityMetoikos『Yumaeng』『Gil』『Ingan Gyosil』『Sambunyeo』
이 논문은 공동 연구 주제 '재외 동포문학의 이산적 상상력과 민족 정체성 : 재일문학과 중국 조선족문학을 중심으로'의 하나로서 씌여진 것이다. 이 공동 연구는 한국연구재단의 '인문사회연구역량강화사업'의 지원을 받아 2006년 7월 1일부터 2007년 6월 30일까지 진행되었음.
This paper aims to show how novels by Son Changseob can be interpreted in the context of concepts such as exteriority or "metoikos.

Novels by Son Changseob show the fact that human individual is external on other individuals; humans have each different internal system and society is formed by constant and adventurous exchange among the systems; individuals are existential essentially in that they throw themselves in a space of a leap toward others at every moment; and concepts which make like a fateful community or remind of it such as class or race are ideological and ideological illusion affect them. Using a philosophical concept exteriority, these concepts can be defined as exteriority of novels by Son Changseob.

In addition, novels by Son Changseob can be connected with other figurative concept metoikos. Son Changseob had lived outside of Korea like a wanderer for a long time and left for Japan failing to settle in Korea. In Japan, however, he was an outsider. Staring death in the face, he unavoidably acquired Japanese nationality. He did not try to confirm his existence as a citizen and managed the rest of his life keeping silence in Japan. These facts prove that he was a metoikos in Korean society and in Japanese one.

Approached through the concept of metoikos, characters, incidents and themes of full-length novels by SonChangseob have potential for being interpreted as a new controversial work.
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