Analysis of the North Korean Invention Act

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Kim, Yoon Hee
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BK 21 law
Journal of Korean Law, Vol.5 No.1, pp. 145-171
This article conducts an overview of the new Invention Act of North Korea and offers critical comments. North Korea is realistically establishing the recovery of its economy as a national issue, and is establishing and putting into practice systematic defense strategies for economic development. The powerful and prosperous country theory being pursued by the Kim Jong Il regime has prioritized economic development as a means for preserving the system. Among these, economic improvements and development are being emphasized via enhancement of science and technology. Guidelines for the close integration of the economy and science and technology were indicated as one of the means to continuously implement the 5-year (2003-2007) Science and Technology Plan newly presented in the National Science & Technology Congress held in Pyongyang on October 31, 2003. While adhering to

the principles of socialism, policies for improvement of economic management that pursue the

maximum benefit are being applied to the science and technology field.1) The Invention Act was newly promulgated, and this appears to be part of the movement deciding to adopt the Science and Technology Act in the regular meeting of the Supreme Peoples Council on December 15, 1988. This is thought to be a necessary stage for economic recovery.
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