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설명결합사전의 어휘의미 기술 : Description of Lexical Meaning in the Explicative and Combinatory Dictionary

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홍재성; 박동호; 고길수

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서울대학교 언어교육원
어학연구, Vol.37 No.3, pp. 533-562
This paper will explore and evaluate the «Lexicographic Definition» in
the Explicative and Combinatory Dictionary(ECD), in particular, focusing
on its methodology of description and representation of lexical meaning.
Lexical meaning is one of the most important features of a linguistic
dictionary, however, due to its inherent nature, its description and
representation in a dictionary precipitates many problems. The crux of
the problem is that each word has meanings behind its form and shows
semantically continuous variations when combined with other words
and phrases. A lexicographer must then determine the full content of
the lexical meaning and extract its components, and separate every
meaning which is linguistically distinguished from other variations.
Moreover, a good dictionary needs and an elaborate methodology for the
theoretically and practically adequate representation of the meaning.
The ECD, based on the Meaning-Text Model, presents comprehensive
rules and criterion addressing precisely these problems. These rules and
criterion are the minimal(fundamental) conditions necessary for the
coherent representation of full lexical meaning. Furthermore, the ECD
represents Lexicographic Definitions in a concise, yet natural(accessible)
language. Its definitions describes denotational meaning which are
composed of situational information of the sentences usage. This
meaning has an additional functional dimension in that its content and
component explain and predict the full range of word behavior in any
given circumstances.
The direct result of this research can be applied to Korean dictionaries
and used to improve their semantic descriptions and representations.
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