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Yoon, James Hye Suk

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서울대학교 언어교육원
어학연구, Vol.47 No.1, pp. 151-152
The current issue is the final installment for the current editorial team, which came on board with the December 2006 issue of the journal. At the time we were asked to serve, the idea of a five-year commitment for the editors and the editorial board was a new experiment in the long history of the journal. So was the idea of inviting scholars who are not affiliated administratively with the Language Education Institute (LEI) to serve as editor and associate editor of the journal. These initiatives were the result of the visionary foresight of the then director of the Institute, Professor Ki-Sun Hong, who sought to take a journal that has a sterling reputation and distinguished history among its readership in Korea to a new level of international visibility and competitiveness. As we hand over the reins to the next editorial team we feel that progress has been made toward that vision, though much work lies ahead. We are confident that the new editorial team will continue to work toward improving the reputation of the journal and to find a niche for it, and to continue to seek ways to facilitate the dissemination of the publications in the journal in an easily accessible electronic format.
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Language Education Institute (언어교육원)Language Research (어학연구)Language Research (어학연구) Volume 47 Number 1/2 (2011)
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