한국 기존음악 음관계론 (1) -우조 초수대엽을 중심으로- : A Study on the Tonal Relation of Korean Pre-existent Music(1)

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dc.identifier.citation민족음악학, Vol.14, pp. 89-118-
dc.description.abstractThe musical history of Korea in 20th century is tragic like the history of its people. We must understand Korean pre-existent music and Korean imported music correctly for resolving many problems ín the Korean musical circumstances.

The analystic study of Korean pre-existent music is proceeding in many regions

: pitch, scale, tonal relation, rhythm, changdan, instruments, gil, principle of formation, etc. This is the first article of a series of my study about tonal relation. The object of analysis is Ujo Chosudaeyöp in kagok repertoire. The preceding theory about this subject tells that tonal system of Ujo Chosudaeyõp is sol mode which tonicis Whangjong(eh), one of f our systems of seventeenth century. But I think the important and stable tones' are Taeju(f) and Takimjong(bb) and its tonal system is different from that of seventeenth century.
dc.publisher서울대학교 음악대학 동양음악연구소-
dc.title한국 기존음악 음관계론 (1) -우조 초수대엽을 중심으로--
dc.title.alternativeA Study on the Tonal Relation of Korean Pre-existent Music(1)-
dc.typeSNU Journal-
dc.contributor.AlternativeAuthorOh, Yong-Nok-
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College of Music (음악대학)Asian Music Research Institute (동양음악연구소)Journal of the Asian Music Research Institute (동양음악, JAMRI) 민족음악학 Volume 14 (1992)
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