묘사적 표현에 나타난 대상 발견의 기제 연구 : A study on the object-finding mechanism embodied in descriptive expression

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서울대학교 국어교육연구소
국어교육연구, Vol.8, pp. 119-142
The paper has its purpose to search an object-finding mechanism from a miscellany written by Lee Sang, which contains his experience staying at Seongcheon, a local village. For the purpose, I have suggested the creative linguistic usage has relation with a conversion of viewpoint to an object, and then approached it with a signaling method instead of a field of thought for the object. First of all, I began with that a viewpoint is an affective one for an overwhelming impression in descriptive expression and assured that the descriptive expression through the impression intends to converse the objects signaling method A miscellany from Lee Sang, as we may identify, recognizes the object by a dichotomous structure of urban and farming area The author, Lee has a viewpoint of urban area in it. More important thing is that he did not recognize it in the viewpoint without condition and/or reason. There are contemporary miscellanies or essays about Seongcheon which divided into ones in general view and the others in beyond it.

Again they may divide into ones to describe the area with perception and the others to describe it with their experiences, The former is to describe an object as an author recognizes it directly. The latter is to describe particularly the object like something in connection with recognition and interpretation. The latter, that is to say, is a subjective viewpoint, and in due course it suggests some trial beyond the existing views. The paper focused on the latter description, in which I assumed that intent to discover an object would be realized. The latter method of experience utilizes a method to replace or converse an object in order to change confirmed images of the object. Consequently general image of an object and its conversed additional images create another meaning from the object. Finally, the paper has its significance that the above-mentioned method to converse objects image may be a principle to write creatively and the existing descriptive writing would be changed from a writer to linguistic part in its direction.
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