게임 텍스트의 서사성 연구 -RPG「파이널 환타지Ⅷ」을 중심으로

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서울대학교 국어교육연구소
국어교육연구, Vol.11, pp. 183-206
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Computer game is a process of realizing his intention in the virtual world The gamer is a creator who leading stay, as well as a character who experiences it by himself

In the Role Playing Game (RPG), the narration was completed as the character accomplishes its roles or ultimate goal. The game-story demans active share unlike the stay telling of traditional literature text; they need to take part in the game by clicking the mouse.

The text of RPG is a kind of drama text in the view of format, and popular literature in the context. Its Originative characters, frame of space and time, events, dialogues, response to stress, constitution have same characteristics as the drama text.

The text of game has the same features of popular literature for the interest, such as popular theme, superhuman-like hero, rewarding the good and punishing the wicked, conflict between protagonist and antagonist. And the typical scheme of popular literature provides virtual experience for escapism without sacrificing the feeling of reality.

The condition in the computer game is a mythological, legendary and fantastic world. The deeply resided desire for taking sanctuary in the dark was realized in the mythology. In the context of RPG, this magical world is the playground. The antagonist is a magician or monster, The knight was transformed to fighter, and the dragon is a monster,

But, the character or the circumstances of the RPG are not described to the smallest detail. Also the theft and homicide for the playing role was tolerated. We should try to make game text with positive value not the mass destruction and killing fields.
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