7차 교육과정 국어 교과서에 대한 비판적 검토
Critical analysis On Korean textbook of 7th Curriculum

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서울대학교 국어교육연구소
국어교육연구, Vol.19, pp. 139-237
국어 교육고등학교 국어 교과서국어과 교육과정교과서의 구성교사용 지도서Korean language educationKorean textbook for highschoolKorean curriculumthe composition of textbookguidebook for Korean teacher
This paper f takes aim at the critical analysis on Korean textbook of 7th curriculum It is necessary for the design of new curriculum and textbook Cognition about the result and limitation of the present curriculum and textbook is

available for design of new Korean textbook Without discussion and reconsideration about present condition, it is impossible to improvement.

Textbook is the most direct resource for the actual Korean institution and the media as actualization of curriculum Until now, the Korean textbook is under the

rule of government designated textbook system, so the influence is more greater.

Accordingly, the critical analysis on Korean textbook of 7th curriculum must be

accomplished from the point of actualization of curriculum in the first place.

More concretely, we must examine the composition of Korean textbook Examination is needed about the composition of units and details, class activities, supplement-deepening activities, the unit summary and so on. The criterion is

property for teaching and learning. And we inspected the availability of guidebook for Korean teacher from the point of teacher. For effectual guidebook, it must have accuracy and nowness of information, abundance of supplementary materials,

concreteness of procedure and others.

This paper is approached from the point of teacher and learner, the prior user of textbook Korean teachers were participate in study as researcher. In addition, questionnaire research and interview about teacher and learner are the main methods of the paper. From this paper, we expect more practically developed design of textbook.
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