신생 러시아 연방군에 있어서의 인력충원체제: 과연 지원병제 시대가 도래할 것인가
The New Manning System in the Russian Armed Forces : Current Situation and Perspective

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서울대학교 러시아연구소
러시아연구, Vol.2, pp. 115-140
On May 9, 1992, President Boris N. Yeltsin signed a decree that would create a new streamlined Russian army, striking a final blow to the Red Army that once projected Soviet power from Berlin to Kabul. Russia took under its jurisdiction, adding to the units located withìn its boundaries, the Western, Northern, and Northwestern Groups of Forces, the troops stationed on the territory of Transcaucasia, the 14th Army in Moldova, the border troops, and part of the Caspian Flotilla.

By late May 1992, the newly-transformed Minisσy of Defense prepared a draft of Russias defense doctrine. First published in the special issue of the journal Voennaia Mysl this official statement presumes Structural transformations deriving from the performance of the a1lied forces in the Gulf. That includes a viable rapid deployment capability, mobile airborne forces, effective transpoπ and logistics along with mobile support forces. Reconfigured Russian forces would thus make a small, mobile, modem, professional, and civilized army.

In this context, the rejuvenated military leadership vows to firmly establish a mixed conscription and voluntary contract recruitment system, providing a functioning alternative service. In fact, the change from the mandatory conscription system to a voluntary system will be necessary for the professionalization of the Russian Army beset with low morale and lax discipline. During a series of debates on the introduction of the voluntary system since 1989, however, most generals objected to the idea on the ground that it is simply too costly to maintain a professional army. Furthermore, the transformation cost and other expenses for the reduction of troops should precede any expenses for the maintenance of a professional

army and the related facilities.
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