Эволюция иронии в средствах массовой информации в России : по материалам журнала «Крокодил» за 1960 ― 1963 гг. и газеты «Коммерсантъ» за 2005 ― 2011 гг.
Evolution of Irony in Soviet and Post-Soviet Mass Media in Russia

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Мирославовна, Сластушинская Магдалена
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서울대학교 러시아연구소
러시아연구, Vol.21 No.2, pp. 151-180
This paper seeks to research evolution of irony understood as a way to

express authors opinion in mass media in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia. The

object of research was language style used in two different Russian mass media

that were famous for the irony on its pages. These are satiric magazine

«Krokodil»(articles researched were published in late 50ies ― early 1960ies)

and contemporary daily newspaper «Kommersant»(articles published in the end

of 1990ies―2000s).

There were several scientific linguistic methods used to conduct the research.

The study was made on the level of Morphology, Semantics, Lexis, Syntaxes

and Pragmatics. The research showed that both Soviet and Post-Soviet

newspapers used pretty similar methods of expression of authors opinion, and

indeed, irony was the most powerful of them all.

«Krokodil» sought to criticize the ruling party. Due to the censorship authors

of the satiric magazine had to hide their critics by developing fantastic and

utopian literary style.

«Kommersant» authors are freer to portray current political situation.

The major difference is still in the function of the irony in the media texts.

«Krokodile»'s irony was targeted on finding paradoxes in the Soviet reality.

«Kommersant» uses irony as a marker of its unique style and new times

journalism in Russia.

Examples from both media are widely used throughout the body of the article.
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