21세기 미국 교육의 전망: 보수적 물결과 진보적 전통 : Prospect of the American Education in the 21st Century: Its Conservative Wave and Progressive Legacy

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서울대학교 미국학연구소
미국학, Vol.23, pp. 23-38
In this paper, I intended to demonstrate major trends of the American education in the 21st century in order to get a prospective view of the American culture in the future. In doing this, at first, I investigated its present status, concentrating on the current issues, controversies, and directions of the U.S. education and schools today. Based upon this investigation, I argued that the U.S. education, especially its public education has been dramatically improved since 1980s despite Americans continuing discontent with public schools. I also contended that this enhancement was explanable via fundamental shift of U.S. education from progressive to conservative, i.e., from liberal ideals of education to academic excellence and discipline; the shift would be a irreversible trend of the American education in the 21st century. By claiming this, I did not mean the abolition of its progressive legacy; rather, I made it clear that invaluable contributions of progressive tradition such as educating diversity, emphasizing democracy, fulfilling equality, etc. would be preserved. The followings are some of the main orientations of the current American education, which, I believe, will dictate its future in the 21st century
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Researcher Institutes (연구소, 연구원)American Studies Institute (미국학연구소)미국학미국학 Volume 22 (1999)
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