地方都市指導層의 地域意識에 관한 硏究 -蔚山市를 事例로-
Attitudes of Community Leaders toward the Development of their Town : A Case Study of UIsan City

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柳佑益; 李正煥
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서울대학교 국토문제연구소
지리학논총, Vol.12, pp. 21-39
Community leaders are potential to the development of a local area, in that they are likely to be early innovators, to have resources to execute development programs, and to be opinion leaders as well in that community. Having such an enormous capacity, the attitudes and loyalty of the elite group toward their home town can be one of key variables to regional development. In mid-1984, the authors conducted an opinion survey with regard to the development of Ulsan City, an industrial city at the southeast coast of the Korean Peninsular. The respondents of the survey numbered two hundred leading figures from virtually every occurrtion in the city. The major findings of the survey are as follows: First~ the city leaders showed a mixed response with respect to the industrial growth. They tended to consider the development of industries as a prime source of city growth. The majority of the respondents evaluated that the heavy industry complex established in the 1960s

have had positive impacts on local economy and city growth. However, the leaders responded negatively to the consequential deterioration of amenities and living environments.

Second, the city leaders' ties and attachment to Ulsan were unexpectedly low. A fairly large number of the leaders either had their permanent residents outside the city, in particular large cities like Seoul and Pusan, or intended to move to those large metropolises whenever possible. Furthermore, the majority of the respondents did not conside~ themselves

maintaining an outstanding report with their neighbors, nor did they believe the general public of Ulsan integrated socially well.
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