지방화시대 농어촌 지역개발의 새로운 방향과 과제 : The New Direction of Rural Development in The Era of Localization

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서울대학교 국토문제연구소
지리학논총, Vol.26, pp. 19-33
세계화지방자치생산공간지역정보화장소 상품화친환경적 공간관리globalization,local autonomyproduction spacelebensraumregional information networkplace marketingeco-centric space management
The rural region in Korea is greatly effected by the trend of globalization and localization. It is directly exposed to the international competition in the progress of globalization. We have to find how to sustain the rural region, which has poor agricultural competition power and living conditions. The advent of the era of local government provides us with a good opportunity to develop the rural region. Local government can concentrate inhabitants to develop the region and prepare good development planning. First of all, the basic philosophy of rural development has to be re-established. There are five points to be considered. First, the general principle has to be re-defined. The ideal image of the rural region has to be suggested through a nationwide consensus on the spatial image of the rural region, the goal of agriculture, the way of life of the residents, investment etc. Second, the way of approaching the rural region has to be systemized. Not only the urban but the rural region is Lebensraum and production space at the same time. Third, the urban and rural region has to be understood as one system, central place and hinterland. Expertise has to be added to rural development planning and rural administration which has been performed at the level of common sense. Fourth, the procedure of policy establishment and performance has to be systemized and consistent institutionally.
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College of Social Sciences (사회과학대학)Institute for Korean Regional Studies (국토문제연구소)지리학논총 (Journal of Geography)지리학논총 Volume 25/26 (1995)
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