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Opening to the Outside World in Northeast China and Economic Cooperations in Northeast Asia

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Liu, Zhongshu; Chang, Xin

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서울대학교 한국정치연구소
한국정치연구, Vol.4, pp. 141-158
Since Deng Xiaoping's speech during his inspection tour to the South of China, China's reform and opening has begun to get into a new development stage, and the Northeast China's opening to the outside world has begun to take a new step forward.
1. The Tumen River Area development has made a substantive progress.
2. A New Goal has been set for the East Liaoning Peninsula's Opening to the Outside World.
3. The frontier trade between Russia, DPRK and China has been developing rapidly.
With the relaxation of the political situations in Northeast Asia, the economic cooperations among the countries, the areas has begun developing rapidly on the basis of mutual economic complement. But because it is composed of countries of different social systems, there exist in politics south-to-north relationships and in economic development great difference. All this determines the complex nature of the economic cooperation there and makes it different from other economic areas in the following characteristics:
1. The Countries in Northeast Asia have a characteristics of internal trade structure on the basis of natural economic connection.
2. Trade structure of multiple axis will be fonned by puting vertical division of labour in proper place developing horisontal one.
3. Economic cooperation systems of multiple levels are to be formed with Japan, ROK and China as the cores.
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