면역 반응기전을 중심으로한 비장의 조직학적 연구 : Relationship between the histological structures of spleen and its possible functions in the immune response

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med, Vol.13 No.4, pp. 251-256
The spleens of human, ox, rabbits and rats were
studied histologically. Serial sections of the tissues
stained with methyl-green pyronin, Mallory-azan
and Gridleys silver method were examined carefully
in regarding to its architecture and staining nature
of the composed cells.
Pyronin-positive plasma cells were found to be
localized at the periarteriallymphocyte sheath which
surrounds the central arteries. The cells were more
numerous at the terminal portion of the central
Two distinct layers, the outer and the inner, were
recognized and the apposed borders of each layer
were separated by the reticular membrane which
contains numerous marginal sinuses and capillaries.
Composing cells of the marginal zone characterized
by the small amount of pyroninophi1ic cytoplasm
and lighter nucleus were different from the small
lymphocytes and the macrophages.
A nu ;nber of macrophages and rich capillaries were
observed in the outer layer of the marginal zone.
The so-called dark zone and the light zone of the
g섬rminal center seemed to have constant direction of
the arrangement, that is. the dark zone was located
always near the central artery, while the light zone
was far from the central artery.
The possible invading route of the antigen in
relation to the structures were discussed.
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