An Extension of Porter and Kramers Creating Shared Value (CSV): Reorienting Strategies and Seeking International Cooperation

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Moon, Hwy-Chang; Parc, Jimmyn; Yim, So Hyun; Park, Nari
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Institute of International Affairs, Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University
Journal of International and Area Studies, Vol.18 No.2, pp. 49-64
Creating Shared Value (CSV)Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)smart corporationstrategic philanthropycorporate philanthropy
This paper improves the theory of creating shared value (CSV), a new way to achieve economic

success, which was introduced by Porter and Kramer. First, this study provides four types of

corporations (Stupid Corporation, Selfish Corporation, Good Corporation, and Smart Corporation)

categorized in terms of corporate and social benefits, and shows that the final destination for

corporations is to be smart, meaning the ethics and strategy as the firms basic measures to bolster

value creation. Second, this paper provides four distinctive strategies in order to effectively create

shared value, an extended version of three strategies presented by Porter and Kramer: defining core

competence; reconceiving comprehensive targets; redefining productivity in the value chain; and

enabling local or global cluster development. Defining core competence is newly added and

reconceiving comprehensive targets is extended from Porter and Kramers notion of reconceiving

products and markets. Above all, this paper highlights the importance of internationalization of CSV,

unlike Porter and Kramers emphasis on domestic clusters. The paper demonstrates the usefulness of these improvements in explaining CSV activities in the real world.
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