서울대 국제법학회 초창기 활동에 관한 고찰 - 창립 50주년에 즈음하여 -
A Study on the Pioneer Era of the International Law Society at SNU -In Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary-

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서울대학교 법학연구소
법학, Vol.45 No.3, pp. 419-449
1895-1995서울大學校 法科大學 百年史54학번 학생
The International Law Society at Seoul National University (SNU) was

founded sometime after the Korean War (1950-53), but the exact birthday is

unknown. Since most of the pioneer members, including the advising professors,

have passed away, even a saga of the early days is indefinite. Some of the early

pioneers belonging to different classes claimed to be one of the co-founders in

different years. The present writer has chosen to study the pioneer era of the

International Law Society at SNU concerned about a possible consequence that

its history could disappear into oblivion as time goes by, and decided to rescue

the history somehow at this significant time when some of the forerunners are

still alive. He has also thought that this study could be significant in the sense

that its history could run along with that of the Korean Society of International

Law, which was also created in 1953 in Busan right before the Armistice

Agreement after the Korean War.

Despite the various claims that the Society was inaugurated at different times,

the present writer supports the most convincing historical fact that it was

founded in May 1953 right after the Inaugural Meeting of the Promoters for a

Korean Society of International Law on board of an LST off the coast of

Busan. The late Professors Han-Key Lee at SNU, Jae-Sup Park at the Korea

University, and other distinguished participants like Ambassador Moon-Kyung

Choi and Dr. Woon-Sang Choi, the then Director of the First Political Section at...
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