Hepatic attenuation differences associated with obstruction of the portal or hepatic veins in patients with hepatic abscess

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Lee, Kyoung Ho; Han, Joon Koo; Jeong, Jun Yong; Kim, Young Jun; Lee, Hak Jong; Park, Seong Ho; Choi, Byung Ihn
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American Roentgen Ray Society
AJR 2005; 185:1015–1023
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of our study was to determine the nature of the association between the attenuation difference of the hepatic parenchyma surrounding an abscess and obstruction of the regional portal vein or of the hepatic vein. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Helical CT scans of 60 patients with hepatic abscess were analyzed for the presence of complete or partial obstruction of the portal or hepatic veins and for attenuation differences in the surrounding parenchyma. Clinical (age, sex, underlying disease, and microorganism) and CT (obstruction of the portal or hepatic vein and number, location, and size of abscesses) findings were analyzed statistically for possible associations with each of regional parenchymal hyper- and hypoattenuation by using the chi-square test and multivariate logistic regression analysis. RESULTS: Regional parenchymal hyperattenuation was identified in 40 patients (67%). More patients with portal vein obstruction showed regional parenchymal hyperattenuation than patients without portal vein obstruction (22/27 patients vs 18/33, p = 0.028), and more patients with hepatic vein obstruction showed regional parenchymal hypoattenuation than those without hepatic vein obstruction (11/21 vs 3/39, p = 0.0003). Multivariate logistic regression analysis showed that portal venous obstruction was the only statistically significant predictor of regional parenchymal hyperattenuation (p = 0.032; odds ratio, 3.7) and that parenchymal hypoattenuation was associated with hepatic venous obstruction (p = 0.001; odds ratio, 44.9). CONCLUSION: Parenchymal hypo- and hyperattenuation are frequently observed in the hepatic region surrounding an abscess on dynamic CT. Moreover, these parenchymal attenuation differences are associated with regional portal or hepatic vein obstruction.
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