Detection of hepatocellular carcinoma: comparison of ferumoxides-enhanced and gadolinium-enhanced dynamic three-dimensional volume interpolated breath-hold MR imaging

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Kwak, Hyo-Sung; Lee, Jeong-Min; Kim, Young-Kon; Lee, Young Hwan; Kim, Chong-Soo
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Eur Radiol 15:140–147
LiverMR imagingNeoplasmsMagnetic resonanceContrast agents
The purpose was to compare the diagnostic accuracy of ferumoxides-enhanced MR imaging and gadolinium-enhanced dynamic MR imaging using three-dimensional (3D) volume interpolated breath-hold examination (VIBE) for the detection of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Forty-nine patients with 61 HCCs, who underwent ferumoxides-enhanced and gadolinium-enhanced dynamic MR imaging, were included prospectively in this study. Ferumoxides-enhanced MR imaging was performed 24 h after completion of the dynamic study using 3D-VIBE. Three radiologists independently interpreted the images. The diagnostic accuracy was evaluated using the receiver-operating characteristic method, and the sensitivity of each imaging technique was compared using McNemar's test. The mean diagnostic accuracy of dynamic MR imaging (Az=0.95) was higher than that of ferumoxides-enhanced MR imaging (Az=0.90), but failed to reach a statistical significance (P=0.057). The mean sensitivity of dynamic MR imaging (90.7%) was significantly superior to that of ferumoxides-enhanced MR imaging (80.9%, P=0.03). Furthermore, for lesions smaller than 15 mm, the mean sensitivity of dynamic MR imaging was significantly higher than that of ferumoxides-enhanced MR imaging (85.2% vs. 69.2%, P<0.05). Dynamic MR imaging showed a trend toward better diagnostic accuracy for than ferumoxides-enhanced MR imaging for the detection of HCCs.
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