기업 경영권 시장과 헤지펀드
The Market for Corporate Control and Hedge Fund Activism in Korea

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서울대학교 법학연구소
법학, Vol.48 No1 pp.236-279
경영권헤지펀드위임장 경쟁Proxy ContestShareholders MeetingCorporate Control주주총회Hedge FundM&A
The year 2006 opened the new era of the market for corporate control in
Korea. Carl Icahn and his hedge fund allies’ surprise attack on KT&G in early
2006 reignited policy discussions in respect of the market for corporate control
and takeover defenses. According to the liberalist economists, a hostile takeover
attempt puts a rein on directors and managers, thereby serving as an effective
external controlling mechanism. The Korean government has been subscribing to
the proposition and diligently pursuing legislative measures to vitalize the market
for corporate control. The need for takeover defensive mechanisms as demanded
by large companies was exaggerated. Liberalists view that Korean companies that
belong to large corporate groups are already free from any hostile takeover
attempts because the recourse is available for them through the means of circular
shareholdings and complicated ownership structure. They also argue that KT&G
became the target of Carl Icahn and the hedge fund because its dispersed
ownership with professional management and because it did not belong to a
large business conglomerate. The threat imposed on KT&G in the end benefited
the shareholders and other interest parties and increased the value of the
company and the social welfare, as well.
In view of the on-going discussions, this article analyzes KT&G’s fight against
Carl Icahn and his allies. This article, in particular, focuses on the role of
takeovers in the improvement of the corporate governance of Korean companies
as exemplified by the KT&G case and other recent takeover cases. Also, this...
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