미국 로스쿨의 임상법학교육이론과 방법론 -우리나라 임상법학교육의 전망과 과제-
Theories and Methods of Clinical Legal Education -Challenge and Promise of Korean Clinical Legal Education-

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서울대학교 법학연구소
법학, Vol.49 No3 pp.409-443
로여링임상법학교육이론임상법학교육방법론한국에 적합한 임상모델Clinical Legal EducationLegal service and clinical Legal educationClinical Legal MethodsClinical Legal TheoriesExternshipLegal Clinics
The clinical legal education based on lawyering experience began in 1890s
criticizing case methods and grew out of the progressive reform movement of
the 1960s and 1970s. Law schools expanded their in-house clinic, which
responded to students’ desire to learn how to use law as an instrument of social
change and serve the poor. Since 1990s the clinical legal education has adapted
to the digital age or global era as collaborating other professions and cooperating
local communities. Besides in-house clinics, there are externship programs and
simulation courses. Among three different branches of clinical legal education in
the United States, the standard clinical model is in-house clinic which focuses on
legal “education”.
The clinical legal education movement concerned with the question “What is it
that lawyers do?” has suggested some new theories about the role of the lawyer
and the practice of law. Most theories of what lawyers do may be divided into
two categories-micro theories, which focus on the role and behaviors of the
individual lawyer, and macro theories, which focus on the lawyer’s interaction
with the legal system, and the impact of lawyers on the larger world. Gary
Below, the theoretical father of clinical education, made contributions to
developing theories of the “good lawyer.” His work combined the methods of
learning with the substance of what they were teaching and illustrated how
theory and practice can be integrated. Clinical education offers law students
methods learning from experience, inter-disciplinary learning, critical reflection
and responsibility. Students learn their role as a lawyer in the legal system as...
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