Cutting edge: Uniqueness of lymphoid chemokine requirement for the initiation and maturation of nasopharynx-associated lymphoid tissue organogenesis

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Fukuyama, Satoshi; Nagatake, Takahiro; Kim, Dong-Young; Takamura, Kaoru; Park, Eun Jeong; Kaisho, Tsuneyasu; Tanaka, Norimitsu; Kurono, Yuichi; Kiyono, Hiroshi
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American Association of Immunologists
J. Immunol. 177:4276-4280
AnimalsAntigens, CD3/immunology/metabolismAntigens, CD4/immunology/metabolismAntigens, CD45/immunology/metabolismB-Lymphocytes/immunologyChemokine CCL19Chemokine CCL21Chemokine CXCL13Chemokines/*immunology/metabolismChemokines, CC/deficiency/geneticsChemokines, CXC/deficiency/geneticsEmbryo, MammalianFlow CytometryGerminal Center/immunologyImmunohistochemistryLymphoid Tissue/cytology/*embryology/immunologyMiceMice, Inbred BALB CMice, Inbred C57BLMice, Mutant StrainsNasopharynx/cytology/*immunologyOrganogenesis/*immunologyPeyer's Patches/cytology/embryology/immunologyReverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain ReactionT-Lymphocytes/immunology
CD3(-)CD4(+)CD45(+) inducer cells are required for the initiation of mucosa-associated organogenesis of both nasopharynx-associated lymphoid tissues (NALT) and Peyer's patches (PP) in the aerodigestive tract. CXCL13(-/-) mice and mice carrying the paucity of lymph node T cell (plt) mutation and lacking expression of CCL19 and CCL21 accumulate CD3(-)CD4(+)CD45(+) cells at the site of NALT but not of PP genesis. Although NALT was observed to develop in adult CXCL13(-/-) and plt/plt mice, the formation of germinal centers in CXCL13(-/-) mice was affected, and their population of B cells was much lower than in the NALT of CXCL13(+/-) mice. Similarly, fewer T cells were observed in the NALT of plt/plt mice than in control mice. These findings indicate that the initiation of NALT organogenesis is independent of CXCL13, CCL19, and CCL21. However, the expression of these lymphoid chemokines is essential for the maturation of NALT microarchitecture.
0022-1767 (Print)
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