Histamine induces MUC5AC expression via a hCLCA1 pathway

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Kim, Yong Min; Won, Tae-Bin; Kim, Si Whan; Min, Yang-Gi; Lee, Chul Hee; Rhee, Chae-Seo
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Pharmacology 2007;80:219-226
BACKGROUND: Histamine is an important inflammatory mediator and associated with early phase allergic response. However, the involvement of histamine in mucin gene expression or production has not been elucidated. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study is to investigate whether histamine induces MUC5AC production in NCI-H292 cells, and to evaluate which pathway is involved in this mucin production. METHODS: MUC5AC production in NCI-H292 cells was analyzed by RT-PCR, immunoassay and immunocytochemical analysis. The effect of histamine on MUC5AC production in these cells at different time courses and concentrations was assessed, and the relationship between hCLCA1 expression and histamine concentration was also evaluated. In addition, cells were pretreated with antihistamine or an hCLCA1 blocker (niflumic acid, NFA) to evaluate the mechanism underlying histamine-induced MUC5AC production. RESULTS: Histamine upregulated MUC5AC gene expression and mucin protein production in a dose-dependent and time-related fashion. Histamine also dose-dependently increased hCLCA1 mRNA expression. Moreover, pretreatment of cells with chlorpheniramine or NFA reduced histamine-induced MUC5AC mRNA expression and protein production in these cells. The histamine-treated cells showed increased cytoplasmic staining for MUC5AC compared to cells treated with media alone, and cells pretreated with chlorpheniramine or NFA before histamine treatment. CONCLUSION: Our results suggest that histamine-induced MUC5AC production occurs via the upregulation of hCLCA1. It is assumed that antihistamines or hCLCA1 channel blockers can partially suppress histamine-induced MUC5AC production in allergic diseases, e.g. allergic rhinitis.
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