Change of nasal function with aging in Korean

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Kim, Si Whan; Mo, Ji-Hun; Kim, Jeong-Whun; Kim, Dong-Young; Rhee, Chae-Seo; Lee, Chul Hee; Min, Yang-Gi
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Informa Healthcare
Acta Otolaryngol Suppl 2007;558:90-4
Nasal cavityagingacoustic rhinometryrhinomanometryciliary beat frequency
CONCLUSION: The changes of nasal resistance and cross-sectional area (CSA) with aging could suggest that it might be attributed to the change (atrophy) of the non-erectile structural tissues including bone and soft tissues rather than the erectile tissues. Subjects older than 60 years of age had significantly slower ciliary beat frequency (CBF), which could suggest nasal function might begin to decrease at around 60 years of age. OBJECTIVES: Nasal physiology can be changed with aging, however, there has been little data that prove senile change of the nasal cavity. This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of aging on nasal resistance and ciliary movement of the nasal cavity. METHODS: One hundred and fifty three healthy subjects were included in this study. Acoustic rhinometry and rhinomanometry before and after nasal decongestion, and CBF were measured. RESULTS: The CSA at the attachment of the inferior turbinate was increased with age in both before and after decongestion. However, the difference of CSA between pre- and post-decongestion did not change significantly with age. At the nasal valve area, the CSA showed almost same values between age groups and the difference between pre-and post-decongestion was very small. The nasal resistance was markedly decreased from 2nd to 3rd decade and did not change significantly after 3rd decade. Subjects older than 60 years of age had significantly slower CBFs compared to those younger than 60 years (10.18+/-0.98 vs. 12.43+/-1.46) (P<.001).
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