Korea Mushroom Resource Bank

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Park, Jae Young; Kim, Nam Kyu; Lee, Hyun; Cho, Hae Jin; Choi, Hey Young; So, Mi Jin; Lim, Young Woon
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Mushroom, Vol.20 No.1, p. 201
Korea Mushroom Resource Bank자연과학
The Korea Mushroom Resource Bank (KMRB) was launched as a national research resource bank in 2015 by the
Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. The main goal of the KMRB is to secure important biological
resources, mushroom-forming basidiomycota, significant sources of fundamental and novel substances and materials,
as dried specimen, cultures, and genomic DNA. For wider application of fungal resources in education, medicinal
and industrial uses, the KMRB will undertake following tasks: 1) Survey natural environments across Korea to
catalogue mushroom diversity, 2) Establish resource management system based on accurate identification of
mushroom, 3) Evaluate the usefulness of the discovered mushroom, 4) Create a secure preservation and loan
system. With a global focus on utilizing natural resources, mushroom resources provide excellent opportunities for
academic research, and discovering novel substances for use as medicine and energy.
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