Optimal arrangement method of a naval surface ship considering stability, operability, and survivability
복원성, 운용성 및 생존성을 고려한 함정의 최적 배치 설계 방법

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Jung sun kyung
공과대학 조선해양공학과
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서울대학교 대학원
최적화함정 배치복원성운용성생존성
학위논문 (석사)-- 서울대학교 대학원 : 조선해양공학과, 2017. 2. 노명일.
When designing the naval surface ship at the preliminary design stage, several ship performances, such as stability, operability, and survivability have to be considered at the same time. While considering all of them, many compartments have to be placed in the limited space, so it is a complex problem that many design alternatives can occur. However, in the actual naval ship design, the arrangement design has been relied on the experienced designer and mother ships. And there is no way to evaluate the arrangement quantitatively. Due to these reasons, the probability of design change increases as design progresses. Therefore, in this study, the optimal arrangement method of a naval surface ship considering stability, operability, and survivability is proposed, and the optimal arrangement program is developed. At first, ‘ship template model’ which is a data structure for representing naval ship arrangement information was developed. Second, a method that can quantitatively evaluate ship stability, operability, and survivability which is suitable for preliminary design stage was proposed and developed evaluation modules that can evaluate such ship performances. Third, mathematically formulated the problem of naval ship arrangement, and based on the 2 design variables, objective functions, and constraints of formulated problem developed optimization module which can find the optimum arrangement. Finally, User interface was developed to 3-D visualize of the optimum arrangement and confirm the result of optimization. Through the user interface, the designers can visually check the result of the arrangement, and check the values easily. This method was applied to the example of a 7000-ton class destroyer to verify the method, and as a result, it is confirmed that this method and program can be an efficient tool for evaluation or verification of arrangement in the preliminary design stage.
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