At the Foot of the Candle, It is Dark: Kyunggi Province News Coverage in Korean Terrestrial Broadcasting

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Youn, SugMin; Kim, KyuChan; Kim, SuJung
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Institute of Communication Research, Seoul National University
Journal of Communication Research, vol.43, no. 1. pp.25~57(2006)
Local broadcasting newsKyunggi Province
This research aimed to analyze the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of
Kyunggi province news reporting by the 3 major terrestrial TV stations in Korea.
For this, news content analysis, audience survey, and in-depth interview were
carried out. First, the content analysis shows that Kyunggi news is quantitatively
insufficient compared to Seoul news. Kyunggi news was mainly composed of
simple police case/accident news, lacked diversity and revealed a relatively high
ratio of negative orientations. Second, the audience survey show the demand for
Kyunggi news was high, but the major terrestrial broadcasting news did not
correspond to it. Third, the in-depth interviews of news reporters show why the
Kyunggi news came to have such problems. There are physical constraints such
as coverage limits with several reporters covering a vast area, and the broadcast
media characteristics of limited time slots of news. However, the more important
factor is that news value decisions centered on "national-level influence" result in
passive awareness of the importance of Kyunggi local news. Despite recent
awareness of the importance of Kyunggi news, without enhanced manpower and
allocation of news time slots, Kyunggi local news will not be able to overcome its
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