한,일 양국의 사회정보화 현황과 과제 ; 아시아 지역의 정보문화와 매체발전의 동향
The Status and Issues of Social Informatization in Japan and Korea ; Information Literacy and Communications in the Asian Region

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Masuda, Yuji
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Institute of Communication Research, Seoul National University
Journal of Communication Research, vol.34, pp.1~18(1997)
ecocomic reconstructionjapanese systemdevelopment oriented
Today, on the threshold of the 21st Century, societies and economics are becoming a knowledge and information based entity and the question being asked is, as to what form the industrial civilization should take. Japanese civilization has so far absorbed elements from the more developed civilizations, succeeding in enhancing itself. It has reconstructed its own
civilization by adopting civilizations from China in ancient times, and from the West at the onset of modernization. Now, we do not have a more developed civilization from which to find precedents. We now stand at a point where we must act as a forerunner in order to explore the frontier and value systems based on them, creating our own civilization and sending its messages to others.
At the end of current century, we are now to take an overview of the 21st century. After World War Two, the Japanese socioeconomic system has in fact experienced times of glory in terms of economy during the half century since its defeat in the war, that unprecedented experience in our history in which we lost everything. Indeed, they were trying times for the economy, however, at the same time, they were times of economic reconstruction.
We could overcome the defeat through building "the 20th-century-system" and could capture the western affluence.
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