UKF를 이용한 궤적에 따른 운항 중 정렬 성능 분석
Performance Analysis of In-flight Alignment Using UKF for Trajectory

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강우용; 김광진; 박찬국; 심주영; 허문범; 남기욱
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14th GNSS Workshop
GPS Aided In-flight AlignmentUKFEKFHeading Error
In this paper, GPS aided in-flight alignment algorithm using UKF(Unscented Kalman Filter) is presented
for an SDINS under large initial heading error and different trajectory. For this task, the EKF that approximates the
propagation of mean and covariance accurate to first-order only is generally used. To overcome the EKF limitation, the
various unscented transformations that achieve second order approximation are applied to the in-flight alignment. With
a low cost MEMS IMU, the simulations are carried out at S-type and Circle-type trajectory for analyzing the
performance of the proposed method. The results show that performance of UKF has a better than EKF for large initial
heading error. And using S-type trajectory increase the performance of error estimates.
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