Problem of Reality in "Young Goodman Brown" and "The Real Thing"

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Ryu, MyungSook
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서울대학교 인문대학 영어영문학과
영학논집 4(1980): 81-92
isms-conceptual; realism
Ever.since Pilate's taunting question ("What is Truth?") to Jesus,
the problem of reality has been the centre of philosophical speculation.
It has also led to various isms-conceptual realism of Plato, PlatonicAristotelian
kind of realism, nominalism, empirico-idealism, subjective
and objective realism, to mention a few-which turned this kind of
inquiry into a tautology, if not foolish pedantries. Moreovervthe critics'
perplexity over the literaty term "realism" added much to' the misconception
and obscurity of the word "reality." So I am not going to
define "realism," as many critics have tried, to little purpose. I would
rather point out the crucial part reality plays in American literature
by analyzing two short stories.
Before we go on, it will be necessary to ascertain what I mean by
the word "reality." Many critics agree on the complexity and multiplicity
of its meanings; "it is a word which can, in the same context,
have a multiplicity of meanings." Since reality changes: perpetually
according to human consciousness, it has no chance of stable meaning.
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