INS/GPS Navigation Accuracy Improvement With Nonholonomic Constraints

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Kim, Kwangjin; Park, Chan Gook
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The 6th Asian Control Conference, July 18-21, 2006, Bali, Indonesia
This paper describes an INS/GPS integration algorithm with
nonholonomic constraints for improving navigation
accuracy during periods of GPS signal outage. The
constraints that the velocity of the vehicle in the plane
perpendicular to the forward direction is almost zero are
used as a new measurement of the Kalman filter for the
navigation. By using the relationships between velocity
equations and sensor noises, theoretical analysis of the new
measurement is performed to decide the most appropriate
measurement noise. The proposed method is tested for a
land vehicle using two GPS receivers and a tactical grade
INS. The experimental results show that the nonholonomic
constraints provide a reasonable solution to the problem of
GPS signal outage.
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