A New Initial Alignment Algorithm for Strapdown Inertial Navigation System Using Sensor Output

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Kim, Kwangjin; Park, Chan Gook
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The International Federation of Automatic Control
Proceeding of the 17th World Congress, The International Federation of Automatic Control, Seoul, Korea, July 6-11, 2008
In this paper, a new alignment algorithm that uses simultaneously both open-loop and closedloop
scheme is designed to increase the convergence rate of the Kalman filter in the fine alignment stage.
Generally, the initial alignment is divided into coarse and fine alignment. The fine alignment stage with the
10-state Kalman filter refines the initial estimate of the transformation matrix given by the coarse
alignment algorithm. This paper derives a convergence theorem of the Kalman filter for analyzing a
problem of the 10-state Kalman filter in the fine alignment. In order to resolve the problem, the new
alignment algorithm calculates the attitude angles with the open-loop scheme and estimates the
accelerometer and gyro biases with the closed-loop scheme at once. The estimated bias errors are used to
correct the sensor errors that are utilized to calculate the attitude angles in the open-loop scheme. The
computer simulation results illustrate the efficiency of this new alignment algorithm.
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