팔레스타인 여성작가 사하르 칼리파 연구 - 탈식민주의 페미니즘 인식을 중심으로
A Study on Palestinian Woman-novelist Sahar Khali:fah(1941-) - Focused on the Recognition of Post-colonial Feminism -

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서울대학교 지역종합연구소
지역연구, Vol.04 No.2, pp. 117-138
This thesis examines from the viewpoint of post-colonial feminism the series long novel The Cactus(l976) and The Sunflower(l980) written by the Palestinian woman novelist Sahar Khali:fah.

In the second, studying, first, the characteristic of Palestinian novel as a deterritorialized literature, a resistant literature and a national literature and, second, the circumstances of the Palestinian novel which has been the historical records beyond a simple genre of literature, I want to fix Sahar khalifah"s position in the Palestinian literature.

In the third, I examine how to overcome the level of the national literature which is exclusive and nationalistic and how to get the recognition of post-colonism with more various sights.

In the fourth, understanding these works as a practical form of the post-colonial and feministic writings written by a colored woman in the third world, I study how to appear in these works the multiple suppressions inflicted on the Palestinian women under Israel"s occupation, the senses of women liberation for overcoming it and examine closely the aesthetic stratage of woman"s writing exchanging from everyday spoken language and slang into novelistic statements.

In the fifth, comparing Sahar Khali:fah with men-novelists that represents Palestinian literature I have studied till now, I get the characteristics of her literature out of them.

The characteristics are, that is, post-colonial feminism. In other words, having the recognition that women liberation and national liberation are inseperable, she makes everyday spoken language novelistic statement and investigates at the same time the historical life of nation throuhout women"s life as an individual.
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